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3 Ways How Virtual Campus Tour Can Influence Student Enrollment

Virtual Campus Tour

Technology has changed the way student’s search and selection of university. One of the method nowadays that’s becoming popular among universities is virtual campus tour.

So, what Virtual Campus Tour?

Virtual campus tour is a simulation of your university campus location, usually composed of a sequence of images or videos. Sometimes other multimedia is also used like music, extra sound effect, narration and text.

Online Virtual tours excites prospective students to know more about your university, where they can sense the atmosphere with an all round experience. And It too helps universities to give their prospective applicants an immersive experience, an unique way of visiting your college campus who are from different country or state.

Here are some reasons why you should create virtual campus tour:

1.) Improve International/Remote Area Student Enrollment: The strong benefit of having a campus virtual tour video on homepage provides an accessible way for remotely located students to view your college and its facilities from sitting at home. Due to financial and sometimes time unavailability, it’s not possible for remotely located students to visit the campus personally before making the final decision.

2.) Opportunity to Showcase in and out of college: The scope of what can be shared via virtual tours shouldn’t be contained to just highlighting what your university campus offers, it should also be extended to showcasing your university’s town/city – give your prospective students a chance to experience exactly what it would be like to live and study there, highlight everything your university town has to offer.

It’s also important to note that the benefits of a virtual tour aren’t limited to just prospective students, existing students can also benefit by exploring areas of the campus that they haven’t yet discovered, and it can be used as a tool to promote events and activities at certain locations on the campus.

What can you showcase in virtual tour?

A.) Showcase Campus Area: Using virtual tour to showcase your campus area can give your prospective students to get an idea how big is the campus. You can showcase how the building look like, how the university actually look like and how day to day life on campus.

B.) How are the hostel rooms: With virtual tools you can easily shows up other facilities like student residential hall or hostel rooms. You can show how the rooms are, what facilities provided inside the room, how clean the hallway are.

C.) What are the classrooms and Labs: You can also showcase how your classrooms and labs look  like, how big it is. You can even showcase the live session of classes with these images prospective students how it would be sitting in the classroom.

3.) Instantly Extend the Reach: By Providing virtual tour you can easily expand your audience reach to a greater number of students. Using the virtual tour you can help your prospective student lead to the selection journey.

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