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Digital Marketing for Education: 5 Creative Content Ideas to Apply Now

Digital Marketing For Education

As we all know traditional marketing has long gone and does not work now. So it’s time to move ¬†From traditional to digital marketing. When we think about digital marketing for college/university or any education institute first thing come in mind is website, and everything start from here.

Website is plays a major role in attracting students to schedule a campus visit or submit an application form. And before going to start digital marketing for your educational website make sure your website is user friendly and well optimized.

From website structure to webpage content, a bracing online presence is critical to success. Through the years, more students are increasingly using digital channels to gather information and make decision. According to a report more than 80% of the students visited college website on a mobile device, with nearly 60% of student accessed website via mobile once a week or more.

Ideas To Create Content For Higher Education Campaign:

Higher education marketing is purely dependent on content. You have to come with the content that is true and convincing about your university. This is the most critical part of the campaign. Education marketers struggles while creating content ideas.

One of the best way to create new content idea is student survey. Ask questions like How they find your university? why they chosen your university than others? find out the question that students and parents ask and give the comprehensive answer.

Once you done with the content ideas the next thing comes, how to represent them? Here I have enlisted some content ideas for education campaign:

1.) Student Blogs: – No one can define about university to a student better than a student. Hire students from your university to write blog for your university’s website. These blog will show a real experience about the college.

If your intention is to target foreign students, a blog written by current foreign student may help concerned prospective international students as they move to a new country.

2.) Infographic Featuring University Data:- Infographic is one of the best way to represent data online. it can contain lots of information and draw limitless attention as it is fun to read.

Studies suggest that 90% of the information we remember is based on visual effect. Infographics are easily shareable content format.

3.) Student-Oriented Guides: If your informational data is heavy and an infographic is not enough to represent that than you should go with extensive guide for prospective students. While creating the guide always keep in mind for whom you are creating it. They would be: Domestic Students? Foreign Students? Specific Course students? or Parents? Creating guide is a great way to student acquisition.

4.) Drip Email Marketing Campaigns: Students daily receives lots of emails from colleges and universities, don’t be the one. Create a sequence of email marketing campaign to address concern, needs and questions of potential students.

The best way to run email marketing campaign is to answer the frequently asked question. Once they are familiar with the basic use mail to answer questions, tell stories, and provide the true value.

5.) Social Media Takeovers: Students nowadays are digitally grown up and spent most of the time on social media. So don’t try to pull of subtle marketing stunt to them. So to give your potential student the real taste of student life give your existing student opportunity to talk for you. Give access of your social media account to your tech savvy student and let them show the potential student how the campus is really awesome.

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