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Digital Marketing For Education: 5 Must Have Key Elements for Your Educational Website

Must have Elements in Educational Website

Year on year online search for colleges & universities are increasing. The prospective students believe more in online searching & short-listing colleges for their professional courses than by personally visiting and inquiring. Nowadays almost every prospective students visit colleges website before taking any decision.  As the online demand for information about college is surging, many universities and colleges are not properly doing digital marketing for educational institute or program, and some of them does not even have the basic informational website to attract potential students.

Although, if some colleges have the website, it is not well optimized or lack of information. People love to use organized website with good navigational architecture where the information can get easily. Here I have enlisted 5 important elements that every educational website must have.

1.) Student Testimonials: Testimonial is a kind of satisfaction certificate by your student about the course they have completed. You can use these eye-catching testimonials to put on all of your pages and especially on course related pages that will allow visitor to see the pride of your college. Testimonials work best when they emphasize the brand and speak directly to student motivation. Here is an example.

Education Digital Marketing Testimonial

2.) Detailed List of FAQs: If any web-user visits your page they want to solve their problem or the queries they have. In this scenario a detailed list of FAQs can help you. To make this page attractive and working make sure all the questions  are well categorized. Here is an example

Education Digital Marketing FAQs

3.) Make home page as interactive and engaging as possible: A perfectly designed website with a awesome user experience is a great investment any education brand can make. The homepage of your website can have a big impact on how potential students stick around to learn more. The combination of content, tech & visual design make a perfect homepage. Here is an example of a educational homepage design. Here is an example.

Education Digital Marketing Homepage Design

4.) Blog or News Feed: For an educational website, it’s very important to be updated with fresh and relevant news. Many big university website features both, though for smaller colleges they can opt between the two.

A news feed on your website is the best option to immediately alert your prospective students what going around in your campus. If you are enabling news feed on your website make sure it’s must getting updated timely. It will not only keep your website fresh but also improve the SEO of your educational website. Here is an example

Education Digital Marketing news feed

5.) Contact Us Page: Most of the university website just put their address and phone number on the contact-us page, although it fulfills the page requirement but you are not making the best out of it. With the latest technology you can make this page awesome and worthy. For example you can add skype call option for international students, or who don’t live the same state students.

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