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Education Lead Generation: How Creating Online Communities can be Important

Student Digital Community

Student Digital Community is a group of existing and prospective students who are taking interest in your college and university through the online channel like social media, blog and website. A digital community creates a trust of belonging from both sides.

Many universities are doing well on their way to creating a digital community without even knowing it. On a daily basis current and prospective students ask questions to university via social media channel, Mention them and create a post related to university. If you answer their question, comment about the mentions and share the related post you are doing so.

Why it is important for your university?

Role of digital communities in education digital marketing strategies can never be ignored. If you are interacting with the students in an entertaining way, sharing and liking their social media posts and keep them engaging with the valuable content, prospective students would love to be the part of the conversation.

Online community can also be valuable for existing students, as he’ll get a place to discuss their queries to the related tutor or support staff, interact with classmate and other students. It also be very crucial for retaining and recruiting online students. This will help and feel them of being a part of university, something that other universities are not doing.

Give Your University brand a Human Touch: The first step towards creating an online community is to humanize your university so the both prospective and existing student will feel like they are not  interacting with any automated social media accounts than the human.

Your university’s personality and tone should be related to your branding and policies, and related to your target persona. The tone of a drama school  and a law school would be completely different. Finding the unique personality of your university will help you put a mark and completely stand out from your competitors.

Content Create a Valuable Community: To build online community you have to be more focused on create and curate the content that relates to the student need and concern. According to a survey of current and potential student run by guardian about the university website and content marketing highlights two concerning questions. First students aren’t able to find useful information on the website that relates to them, second the digital marketing effort don’t talk about the thing we need to know.

This shows a disconnect between what the university posting and what student actually wants to see. Keeping this in mind universities and colleges will have to create content that is informative and useful to the student. This will help the universities in education lead generation and engagement.

Attract Prospective students using User Generated content: Everybody loves to be praised of their work and the same applies when people share any post on social media. Sharing social media post of prospective student who are anyhow interested in the course you are providing or he is talking about your organization would be a smart tactic. Re-tweeting the newly enrolled student with their acknowledgement letter, and the student wearing your college shirt are the easiest way to engage and attract user.

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