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What Education Marketer Should Learn From B2B PPC Campaign


You must be thinking why should I learn or apply b2b marketing strategy for educational website as both are different. Where on the one side universities are targeting individual student, other side B2B marketing is about targeting and reaching out businesses.

Of course, this is all true still there are similarities between education marketing and B2B marketing. Here is this post I’m going to mention how these both are similar:

1.) Different Target Market: In B2B marketing, there is not an individual person who is decision maker. In a B2B organization the group of people and departments are involved in decision making process. As a marketer you’ll have to understand how to appeal to all of these audiences.

The same applies to education digital marketing, It’s a big mistake if you are only targeting to student. Here not only the student who is the decision maker, the parents are also involved in it. Ultimately they are going to pay for their education. This is a challenge for education marketers to target both as their questions and value propositions are different. So to be successful you’ll have to experiment with landing page and effective CTA button.

2.) Low search volume keywords: In B2B organization there are many keywords that have too low search on internet and sometimes they have to promote highly technical webinar topic that have no search volume.

The same situation happens in education sector as universities or colleges launch their MDP and short term program time to time that also have low to no search volume.

3.) Conversion Time: Selecting a college or university is a life-changing decision, conversion is a long term game for education sector. Neither students nor parents going to fill out the form and convert on the fist click- which is the case in B2B Marketing.

Student takes months to convert. The first click through to your website is just a first step towards the final sale i.e. student enrollment. For education marketers will have to plan months ahead keeping in mind this long conversion process.

4.) Call to Action: As conversion timing call to action in education marketing has similar nature to B2B than B2C. The call to action in B2C is “Buy Now”, “Buy Today”. But these CTA button has no relation with B2B marketing. A B2B CTA is like “Download Case Study”, “Request for consultation”.

For university PPC campaign you’ll have to go with same kind of CTA button as applied for B2B campaign like “Register Now” or “Consult to Expert”.

5.) On-going Relationship: In B2B company they don’t make customer they make a relation with other business. You provide post sale service if the product is technical. The same happens with education sector Students also want a close, ongoing relationships with their colleges and universities. These relationships can go further to the students’ under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. And they may even continue as alumni.

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