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How To Make Re-targeting A Fruitful Digital Marketing Strategy For Education Sector

Re-targeting ads for education

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Potential students commonly visit various colleges & universities website to short-list and make the big decision.  As reported by vertical response almost 95% of the visitors don’t fill the inquiry form or make an application at the first visit in any industry. It’s hard to believe that 95% of them just left the website without making any decision.

But there’s a process to connect them again and That’s known as Retargeting or Remarketing. It is marked as one of the best digital marketing strategy for education sector.

Retargeting is a form of digital advertising that helps you target past website visitors by placing customized ads. Retargeting ads follow the past website visitors whichever adsense approved site they visit next time.

So, how retargeting works?

To start running remarketing ads and targeting your past visitors you must have to create a list of visitor who previously visited your website using a Google generated remarketing tag for Google and facebook pixel for facebook retargeting ads.

Now you know what retargeting is, and how you can use it. Here I’m going to mention how it is beneficial for education sector:

1.) Get Prospective student back to website: Have you heard about “rule of 7”? No. it’s a marketing principle that states that prospects needs to see your ads as less as 7 times to really notice your brand offer and take action.

Retargeting ads can help you in this matter by showing ads to your past website visitors. By showing ads before the past audience, you remind them of their interest in your university and can attract them to come back to your website and take action.

2.) Generate Leads with high closing rate: Leads generated through retargeting ads are much easier to move through admission funnel. The reason behind this is they already have researched about your university’s program, it’s culture, faculty etc.

3.) Maximize the Return on Investment: Education marketers spend lots of money to get the visitors to the website using different channels like Email Marketing, Social Media, Search engine optimization or PPC ads for your educational program. Despite spending money and doing your best effort, most of the visitor did not convert.

Now retargeting ads in this place can help you maximize the effectiveness of money that you have already spent. It costs you only a quarter of what you have already paid to retarget them and convert them into a qualified leads.

4.) Show users the customized message: By segmenting your visitors using remarketing list you can show them the audience specific customized ads that will help them to easily recall about your university.  You can show them the right message according to the page they visited like any specific program page, fee structure page, or application page.

5.) Retargeting Through Search Ads: Using Google Adwords RLSA feature you can customize your search ads campaign for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google and search partner sites.

Retargeting users through search ads helps you to connect with potential students who are continuously searching about the related colleges/universities.

Great Strategies. But how to apply them?

Ridge Marketing services has the years of experience of handling digital marketing for education sector. Some of our clients are IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIM Ahmadabad, XLRI etc. contact us to discuss more about digital marketing campaign.

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