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Optimizing Education Lead Generation Form: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Student Lead Generation

The only way to convert visitors into students is by placing a high converting Education lead generation form in a landing page. Lead generation form is a gateway between the visitor and the website. As we all know a form with the offer visitors can’t resist on the landing page performs exceptionally well.

But the biggest challenge is, how would you ensure that the form is optimized for users?

Generating lead is the second most important goal of b2b companies and according to study 61% B2B company struggle to generate high quality leads. Education sector is the same as B2B sector.

So here I’m going to lead you through how to optimize a lead generation form that converts:

1.) Place The Form Above The Fold: Above the fold is the screen of your website that user see without scrolling down the page. What appears in this space always influence user experience. When we talk about lead generation form, most of online marketers know that placing the form above the fold usually generates result because the placement instantly draws your visitors’ attention to CTA button.

2.) A Strong Call-To-Action Button: A study by suggest that 72% of B2b website does not have CTA Button on interior pages, and it is surprising. CTA button is the tipping point between conversion and bounce, Which means either the visitor fill out the lead gen form or leave the website from that page.

Marketers fail to optimize CTA for many reason. But you have to learn from industry experts or pro copywriters how they are using or you can take example from your competitors too.

3.) Don’t Add too many Words around the Form: At the core of every landing page, the lead gen form should stand out. If you put too many elements around the form it will probably lower down conversion rate.

You can optimize lead gen form like a.) allowing white spaces and making it easier for visitors to take right decision. b.) Make some of your form field optional. c.) Use a two-way process. d.) Sync the form with social media logins

4.) Do not add too many Unnecessary  fields in the form: Here you have to do a deep analysis about the fields which requires you the most for your business. Like Email address is the top most required field for every industry type lead gen form and second comes is Phone no. for cold calling.

Always make your form simple with less number of fields. Simple can be harder than complex. Study your lead form today whichever page it appears on like on your landing page, home page, about page, contact page or somewhere else and think what to keep in the form what to remove.

5.) A/B Test to CTA Positioning: A/B testing is a technique for increasing your website conversion rate. If you have two things to apply (Suppose CTA button) on a page and you don’t know which one will work better, running an A/B test could solve your problem.

To run this process, you’ll have to create two version of your page each with different CTA and all the other things will be the same. A/B testing software will direct 50% of the traffic to page A & rest 50% of the traffic to page B. And in the end of the test you can count the action by counting no. of clicks on CTA button or by conversion.

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