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PPC For Students Lead Generation: Search Vs. Display, Which One Should Use?

Search vs display Ridge Marketing Services

Managing Google AdWord or pay per click advertising is not easy and doing for education sector is really not easy. You can’t get the most from your PPC ads or campaigns unless you have a strong PPC management skill set and that is not necessarily native in your in-house marketing team of any college/universities. You must need an expert to manage overall PPC campaign. It’s not enough to just setup the campaign and forget it. You have to spend regular time on managing it and continuously checking which area of the campaign is performing well and which requires work.

The biggest mistake beginners make while creating PPC campaign is they mix search and display ads together. They incorrectly assumes that they both work in a similar way and it can be done with same ads work and landing page.  The reason for choosing this option is, it is recommended by AdWord tool and this time people become a bit lazy and choose this option.

Here I’m going to mention how these two networks work differently and why you should always separate them:

Search Network: Let’s talk about the Search Network first. This is an intent based advertisement program where people actively search about the product and services related to yours. It enables you to capture people who are actively looking for your services.

Display Network: The display network  takes keyword from your ad group and connects with web-pages that also using these keywords. Regarding the display network, users are first and foremost interested in the content of the website they are viewing. Your display ads are initially nothing more than an afterthought in the minds of the user.

Why You Must Separate Search & Display Network:

1.) Ad Group: You need to setup the ad Group rightly themed with relevant keyword. If you need traffic to your site and improve CTR that will trigger matches in the display network. And if your intention is to improve conversion number then you should go with close-knit keywords ad relevancy is the key here.

2.) Bidding: Second reason you should separate them is CPC bidding, typically the bid for search network is much higher than the display network and if you keep running ads with both network at once the same bid will apply on both and will cost you much on display network that not a good strategy.

The result you can expect from search Vs display advertising:

In terms of result search ads depend on target market, the quality of PPC ads and the landing pages can produce a pretty wide range of result. The average conversion rate for education sector as shared by unbounce is 2.6% is the median & 11% is the highest.

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