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Student Lead Generation: How Inbound Marketing can be Important

Inbound Marketing for Education

For college administrative, the toughest task is student lead Generation i.e constantly increasing the academic profile for your college or university. In the past student lead generation was focused on quantity over quality but the industry is shifted for better to focus on quality lead generation.

Digitization has change the way student do research about college or university for their next Graduation or post graduation program. Student nowadays are more focused on internet search, social media & blog post and want to know how your university can be help them at every step. The college or university will be successful in getting new students those pay close attention on students need.

So, what can help education section in this rapid changing digital era? The answer is inbound marketing.

Let’s first understand what inbound marketing is and how it can help education sector to get high quality student lead generation.

Inbound marketing is way of creating high quality content that help prospective students solve their problem. For an example student nowadays are more concerned about the high fees. So if you can solve their problem by saying about your university’s scholarship program, easy-pay fee structure or loan facilities will them to take decision easily.

Here I have enlisted some of the inbound marketing strategy for education sector:

University Blog: University’s blog is the best way to promote educational content. Existing and prospective students visit college blogs to get the latest update about university. Through this channel you can easily tell in detail about how this college would be the best to fulfil their career dream.

Infographic: It is another good way to promote content online. It is basically a graphical representation of data and text. Research suggests that 90% of the information consumed by mind is visual. Colleges have the opportunity to represent students, faculty, placement & alumni data to attract prospective students.

Video: According to YouTube statics by FortuneLords, there is more than 150 Crores active YouTube users worldwide. 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, almost 500 crores hours of video watched by 3 crores user every single day. This data clearly suggest why you must be use video marketing. Educational institute can make a video about college tour, life at college, short educational video for learning etc to attract prospective students.

Social Media: Social media is an awesome tool to help you promote your inbound marketing messaging. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter allows colleges and universities to run ads promoting educational program before the prospective students.

Facebook has granular of targeting option. Here college’s has opportunity to target other college’s facebook fan, Similar audience, age & location targeting.

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